Welcome from the Presiding Bishop

Welcome to the website of the United Episcopal Church of North America, a growing network of churches, and one of the Continuing Anglican Churches which have emerged to address the on-going crisis in North American Anglicanism.  The UECNA was founded in 1981 to maintain the Reformed Catholic doctrine, discipline and worship of the old Episcopal Church. 


The United Episcopal Church believes that:


            The Holy Scriptures are inerrant in matters of Faith and contain all doctrine necessary to salvation  .


            That Holy Scripture is best understood within the context of the Ancient Creeds, and the writings of the Fathers and Councils of the primitive Catholic Church.   


             We also respect and uphold the reformed inheritance of the Anglican Communion as contained in the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion and the Book of Common Prayer.     


              The United Episcopal Church also holds dear traditional moral standards and is by its Constitution bound to uphold the sanctity of traditional marriage and of human life. 


Rather than follow the tyranny of moral relativism, the UECNA prefers to uphold a Biblical, Christian, pattern of morality as the best hope for a stable society and for the happiness of the individual.  We take seriously the words of the Lord Jesus when He declared Himself to be 'the Way, the Truth, and the Life.'  


I invite you to explore our website, find out a little more about our church, and if you feel yourself moved to join us, see if there is a congregation near you, or contact the Archbishop's Office about the possibility of initiating new work in your area.

Last I would like to add that we firmly believe that the best way for the Church to advance the Christian Faith is to abstain from ecclesiastic politics, and to devote all our energy to preaching the Gospel of Christ, and celebrating the sacraments of our Redemption. Our mission as the Church is to point always beyond ourselves and towards our Saviour.


In Christ,

+Peter D Robinson,

Presiding Bishop of the United Episcopal Church of North America,

Missionary Bishop of the West.